[Cartoweb-users] Plugin EDIT - Problem with edit_sel

Jeff MERCIER jeff.mercier at pays-romans.org
Mon Oct 20 03:10:11 EDT 2008

At the first time, I 've create my own project with 2 editable layers. 
But when I see that I have some problem, I try to use the DemoEdit 
project. You can see it here:


So I have 3 editable layers, and the problem is the same for all.
I don't see any javascript error with firebug...

Oliver Christen a écrit :
> hi
> do you have more than on editable layer and if so does the problem 
> happens with all layers ?
> do you have any javascript error when you select the edit_sel tool or 
> when you use it ?
>> Hi,
>> I've install recently install cartoweb 3.5 on my server. I try to use
>> the EDIT plugin, but if I can build new objects, I can't modify existing
>> objects. When I try to use the edit_sel tools, the zoom of the map
>> return to the max view, and I can't select anything. Can you help me?
>> For information, I use ms4w vesrion 2.2.6.
>> Thanks
>> Jeff
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