[Cartoweb-users] Plugin EDIT - Problem with edit_sel

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Oct 20 06:28:58 EDT 2008


it seems the session id is not stored in a cookie as it should.

usualy, a cookie named PHPSESSID containing the session id is created.
I do not see this cookie when accessing your projects.

without the session id, Cartoweb has no idea what you are doing and always 
start again from the default full extent view.
try doing a zoom and a pan, the view will be reseted.

in your php.ini check that
session.use_cookies = 1
and not = 0

restart apache after modifying the php.ini

> Hi,
> I've install recently install cartoweb 3.5 on my server. I try to use
> the EDIT plugin, but if I can build new objects, I can't modify existing
> objects. When I try to use the edit_sel tools, the zoom of the map
> return to the max view, and I can't select anything. Can you help me?
> For information, I use ms4w vesrion 2.2.6.
> Thanks
> Jeff


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