[Cartoweb-users] wmsBrowserLight: error when adding a WMS layer from the same server as cartoweb

Arnaud DELEURME a.deleurme at gers.cci.fr
Wed Sep 3 09:13:59 EDT 2008


It could be in relation with your layers from a WMS service. 
In fact, it could be an error in your layers.ini 
Are you sure that "layers. mylayer _label.msLayer = mylayer_label " is correct. 

Maybe you will found the problem if you get the GetCapabilities if your application works with WMS service. 
You will found the coorect name of the layer. It could be different... 
We had this problem in the past... 

CCI du Gers 

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Objet: [Cartoweb-users] wmsBrowserLight: error when adding a WMS layer from the same server as cartoweb 


I have an error I can't explain: I use the WmsBrowserLight plugin and it 
works perfectly. I can add layers from several WMS servers, except one: 
my ow server. I mean the server where my cartoweb application is 
installed. I can get the layers list but when i try to add a layer from 
the list i get this error: 

/Error [8, Trying to get property of non-object, 

file: 304 - 
call: Common::cartowebErrorHandler(8, "Trying to get property of 
304, Array(8)) 

file: 258 - 
call: LayersInitProvider->fillDynamicLayer(Object(Layer)) 

file: 74 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/ServerPluginHelper.php 
call: ServerLayers->handleCorePlugin(Object(LayersRequest)) 

file: 184 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/ServerPluginHelper.php 
call: ServerPluginHelper->callHandleFunction(Object(ServerLayers), 

call: CoreProviderHelper->handleCorePluginHelper(Object(ServerLayers)) 

file: 267 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/common/PluginManager.php 
call: call_user_func_array(Array(2), Array(1)) 

file: 299 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/Cartoserver.php 
call: PluginManager->callPluginImplementing(Object(ServerLayers), 
"CoreProvider", "handleCorePlugin") 

file: 349 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/Cartoserver.php 
call: Cartoserver->doGetMap(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 370 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/Cartoserver.php 
call: Cartoserver->callWithExceptionCheck("doGetMap", 

file: 81 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/MapResultCache.php 
call: Cartoserver->cacheGetMap(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 186 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/MapResultCache.php 
call: MapResultCache->getMapResultFromServer(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 380 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/server/Cartoserver.php 
call: MapResultCache->getMap(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 104 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/CartoserverService.php 
call: Cartoserver->getMap(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 165 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/CartoserverService.php 
call: CartoserverService->callDirect("getMap", Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 233 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/CartoserverService.php 
call: CartoserverService->callFunction("getMap", Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 933 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php 
call: CartoserverService->getMap(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 1062 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php 
call: Cartoclient->getMapResultFromRequest(Object(MapRequest)) 

file: 1237 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/client/Cartoclient.php 
call: Cartoclient->doMain() 

file: 38 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/htdocs/client.php 
call: Cartoclient->main() 

file: 4 - /opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/htdocs/aeag.php 
call: require_once("/opt/cartoweb/cartoweb3/htdocs/client.php")/ 

I found a thread on this problem on a forum: 
It's told that the problem is that i can't add a layer that is already 
loaded in my viewer. So I tried to remove a layer from my layers.ini and 
call it with a WMS request in my viewer. Unfortunately i get the same error. 

Any idea, lead, that could help me to solve this problem will be greatly 

Simon Ortet 
AKKA Technologies 

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