[Cartoweb-users] Tooltip plugin.

Νίκος Παπαδάκης nipapada at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 13:47:35 EDT 2008


I try to use the tooltip plugin.
I have created the "tooltips.ini.in" file in client_conf with the 
following contents:

timeout_async.bank_store.label="Bank Stores"

I also load the plugin in client.ini.in.
After installation the plugin works.
But i get the AJAX message that there was no result.
I have transfered the data from the shapefile to the postgis database 
using shp2pgsql.
With that,i get the table which contains the data.
The table contains the column named "the_geom".
So i guess everything is fine with the data in PostGIS.

Also,is there any way that this plugin works only when i click a point 
of a layer or i leave the mouse on it?
Because,when i use it as it is, anywhere i leave the mouse on the map, 
tooltip plugin searches for a point in the database.

Any opinion on what i should do?
Thank you.

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