[Cartoweb-users] Querying database from mapfile expression

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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you can specify filters and expressions in your layers definition so you can display different class depending of specific values.

please see the mapserver documentation on the subject:

and since the server seems down, you can see the page via google cache

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  I want to query the database and present data with different colours, sizes and labels, i gues this is done in the mapfile.
  For example in a table of junctions (points) have an attribute 'width'. So i want to say if width<=1.5 colour is 230 210 110, if 1.5>width<=5 colour 110 110 110 and width>5 colour 60 30 80. however if there are no junctions in any or all brackets just dont give me error. 
  For labels, Mouseover reveals the actual value of that junction.
  Equally say for contours i want to give a colour gredation i.e. read the lowest and highest elevation and present contours with different colours ranging from highest to lowest as a smooth colour variation. 
  Can i do these in the mapfile specification and how?

  Iam working with the edit plugin only.


  Broun Uganda

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