[Cartoweb-users] PEAR installation

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 25 06:15:08 EDT 2008

are you sure the problem is linked to PEAR?
a "Recenter Id canceled, unable to find selected Id" is not the consequency 
of a database query, but of a mapserver query (queryByAttributes), which do 
not use PEAR.
it means the id you requested was not found so it's linked to your data 


> Hello.
> I installed cartoweb 3.4 on CentOS machine and I had no problem.
> Now, I am installing cartoweb on Debian Etch. I used the same go-pear.php 
> script to install PEAR modules and I modifed php.ini in order to use them 
> ("include_directory"...).
> The problem is that my cartoweb proj doesn't able to read and use PEAR 
> module (I think)...but it is strange that auth plugin works fine (it uses 
> PEAR to connect to my DB....)
> The error is :
> "Recenter Id canceled, unable to find selected Id"...
> How can I resolve the problem ?
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