[Cartoweb-users] Icons in exportPdf Plugin

Lauber Christoph ch.lauber at geo-thun.ch
Tue Sep 30 02:52:14 EDT 2008

Hi list

I would like to printout gif/png icons with the exportPdf Plugin. With 72 dpi everything works fine. With 300 dpi the gif/png icons are almost invisible. Not very surprising when the icons are defined with a 72 dpi resolution. Is there any easy workaround? Or do I have to extend the exportPdf plugin?
I made a test an defined an icon with 300 dpi. But this seems to have no influence, neither on the map nor on the pdf printout.

Any other ideas?
Thanks for your help.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Christoph Lauber

Dütschler & Naegeli, Vermessung+Geoinformation AG
Fliederweg 11, Postfach, 3601 Thun

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