[Cartoweb-users] GoToScale does not work

Dahinden Adrian a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch
Wed Apr 15 07:57:20 EST 2009

Hi list


I have a problem in my project with the goToScale function in the layer tree, which does not work. This is the output from the firebug:


document.carto_form.recenter_scale.options is undefined

goToScale("7426")layers.js (Linie 198)

javascript:goToScale('7426')()()javascri...e('7426') (Linie 1)



And this is from the opera browser:


Javascript URL thread: "javascript:goToScale('7426')"


name: TypeError

message: Statement on line 198: Cannot convert undefined or null to Object


  Line 198 of linked script .../layers/js/layers.js: In function goToScale


  Line 1 of unknown script 


stacktrace: n/a; see 'opera:config#UserPrefs|Exceptions Have Stacktrace'


In all my other projects it works well.. Does anybody can give me a hint?




Adrian Dahinden



Dütschler & Naegeli

Vermessung + Geoinformation AG

Fliederweg 11, Postfach

3601 Thun


Telefon 033 / 225 40 50

Fax     033 / 225 40 60


mailto:a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch




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