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Dahinden Adrian a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch
Mon Feb 16 10:36:04 EST 2009

Hi list 

In my Project I want to use switches for displaying the layers. I have changed the layers.ini file like it is described in the User Manual (http://www.cartoweb.org/doc/cw3.5/xhtml/user.layers.html#user.layers.tree.children). It looks like

switches.switch1.label = ZP
switches.switch2.label = LK
switches.switch3.label = GK

layers.root.className = LayerGroup
layers.root.children =  Abfragen, Sit, Switch, ...
layers.root.rendering = block

layers.Switch.className = LayerGroup
layers.Switch.children.switch1 = ZP
layers.Switch.children.switch2 = LK
layers.Switch.children.switch3 = GK
layers.Switch.label = Switch

layers.ZP.className = Layer
layers.ZP.label = Zonenplan
layers.ZP.msLayer = ZP


In the layertab the switch appears as a dropdown with following Switch Ids:
'Default', 'ZP', 'LK' and 'GK'
The position should be the default one (above the layers tree). The label 'Switch' appears as a block and a tree rendering without any content. When I choose a other Switch ID (f.e. LK ) the content of the tree doesn't change. Does anybody know why it isn't working?

Are there other things I have to change??

Thanks for your help,


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