[Cartoweb-users] Repetition trasparency and reorder tab

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri May 29 07:58:25 EST 2009

looing at the code Im not sure to see how such problem can happens.
do you still have appear after a "php cw3setup.php  --clean" command ?

you can eventually show me what you put into your layerReorder.ini


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  I'm working on setting up the reorder and transparency plug-in. LayerReorder.ini is defined. In client_conf  client.ini and in server_conf   "project".ini plugin is activeted, both for reordering and transparency.
  As a result the reorder and transparency tool appears and run in relative tab on map. The problem is the repetiotin of active layer in the list. 
  For example, in a switch I select 3 layers on map: in the relative tab for reorder I find:

  LAYER1   30%
  LAYER1   30%
  LAYER1   30%
  LAYER1   30%
  LAYER2   40%
  LAYER2   40%
  LAYER2   40%
  LAYER2   40%
  LAYER3   20%
  LAYER3   20%
  LAYER3   20%
  LAYER3   20%

  I think that the problem should be in the catroclient.tpl, but I don't know which parameter has to be correct or set. 

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