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everything is possible, it mostly depends how much you want to touch php and extend existing cartoweb code.

extending ServerQuery.php can be a possibility but I forsee you will need to also modify ClientQuery.php as the modifed object you will return may break existing code, especially if you modify it's structure.

a less intrusive way could be to format the table result in some specific way using tablerules (see the cartoweb tutorial http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/Foss4g06Workshops) then intercept the query result table at the javascript level (in Tables.ajax.js).
If the table result contain some specific element, get the image link using javascript and open a popup, otherwise let the table be displayed as usual

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  Hi List, I able to display images from the map query plugin but with links into the table query, with a clic on the link and show a popup with the images or videos, my question is, is possible change the serverquery.php file of the query plugin in form of that the images show like popup when I make clic on the map?, no with the links but directly with the clic on the map
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