[Cartoweb-users] Cannot select polygon in edit plugin

Miguel Juston juston_miguel at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 2 11:32:29 EST 2010

Hello list,

I'm back on my cartoweb based project and am now facing a confusing problem:
I've activated the edit plugin. It works fine - I can draw polygons and save data. Problem is I cannot select a shape. When I click on one with the appropriate tool, it's selected for a short time and then unselected. Then, cartoweb "is lost" (weird behaviour).

What happens is that two requests are sent back to the server. The first one results in the expected selection then the second one messes everything up. 

Would you guys have any ideas / tips about what's going on? Or could you point me in the good direction as to what's run when a shape is selected?

Thanks for your help


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