[Cartoweb-users] Customize cartoweb with new button

JOALLAND jérémie j.joalland at memoris.fr
Mon Mar 22 10:00:34 EST 2010

I am new in Cartoweb and have to customize an existing project.

I would like to add a new button in order to Show / Hide the Leftbar div
(which contains the layers management, export plugin, etc.).

So when the user will access the cartoweb project he will only see the tools
and map, then he can click this new button to show the leftbar to access
advanced functionalities to manage layers, export, etc
 and he can hide the
leftbar by clicking again this bew button.


I can see how to change the design with the cartoclient.tpl, but then I’m
lost with the different folders/files and javascript


So what is the best way to customize my project ?




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