[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 17] New: [Chameleon]unflexible rulerwidget image paths (ruler_pix.gif & ruler_node.gif)
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:11:50 -0400

           Summary: [Chameleon]unflexible rulerwidget image paths
                    (ruler_pix.gif & ruler_node.gif)
           Product: Chameleon
           Version: 1.1
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows 2000
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Widget

This is my first time using CWC and Chameleon. I really like it, but I find the 
most difficult part of setting up the widgets is managing the images and making 
sure I have the correct image paths. 

I am currently redoing the Hawaii demo to use Chameleon (CWC 1.1). I am trying 
to maintain the common look and feel of the original demo. Meaning I am using 
much of the Hawaii images. For these images I set the image path to
( "image/*.gif" ). Ideally, the users of Chameleon would want to keep the 
chameleon images in one place and have his own images for is application in 
another. For the most part I am allowed to set the path to images within the 
widgets, making this possible.

However, not with the ruler.widget.php on line 351 and 352, 

    var content = "<IMG  SRC='images/ruler_pix.gif'><BR>";
    var content2 = "<IMG  SRC='images/ruler_node.gif'><BR>";

These images are hard coded within the image. I donít think this is right. Why 
should I as a user make copies of the widget images used when building new 

Suggestion 1: 
This maybe a local case for the ruler widget, I have only use a couple of the 
widgets. If this is the case I suggest adding two more parameters to the ruler 
widget so that users can set the path to these images.

Suggestion 2: 
If there are other images hard code there must be another way to manage 
internal widget images.  Or even when new widgets require internal images, 
maybe there should be a repository of images for internal widget images. This 
would also be the case for style sheets. 

One last comment to Paul, as you know I am using ms4w as my installer, and that 
chameleon has its own Alias in the httpd_chameleon.conf. Maybe something could 
be done with respect to the installer ms4w to allow chameleon to handle the 
widgets internal image. It is just a thought.   

I was thinking of making two separate bugs, one dealing with the ruler widget 
it self and a second in dealing with the over all issue of chameleon and the 
direction you guys feel managing images for widget images, vs. chameleon sample 
application images, vs. user built application images and style sheets. I 
wanted to see what other people thought about my issues. 

Within the CWC or Chameleon packages there should

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