[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 31] [Chameleon]Class Status ON/OFF & Class Grouping Definisions
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 16:53:37 -0400

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Please ignore first comment I copied the wrong thing into this bug, sorry....

This enhancement request will be better defined during SLD development. This bug
was entered to have this issue visibly documented.

In an effort to have more complete Legend Templates automatically generated from
map files, either by using the LegendTemplate Widget, ContextSelect Widget or
future developed Widgets; a serious limitation has been noted.  

As most people know ;) the HTML Legend Template allows the user to display
within a legend either: groups, layers or classes. Since, the parameter STATUS
"ON/OFF/DEFAULT" is only used at the Layer level. The applications can only
allowing the user to turn on/off groups of layers at once, or single layers
within the map file. While in the ContextSelect Widget only Layers or groups of
layers can be displayed in a legend.

Since the enhancement of mapscript to have min/max zoom levels defined in the
class, there has been a shift in how we define our layers. Meaning that the
Class Objects can be considered more as the Layer definition, while Layer Object
is used to define the different Data sets.   

So logically, the enhancement request would be to have Classes to be just as
flexible as Layers. 
1)	CLASSSTATUS -> Turn ON/OFF parameter
2)	GROUPCLASS -> To group class when building a legend and to have the ability
to turn ON and OFF the layer(s) in the legend. 

There may be other enhancements required related to this Legend/Class issues.

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