[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 109] [Chameleon] Code Review - WidgetManager.php
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 23:43:26 -0500

------- Additional Comments From  2003-11-13 23:43 -------
class comment done
class variable comments done
constructor comments added
removed need for loop entirely
changed " for ' where practical, still require a regexp for finding widget type
to remove last one
removed pre-registration of widgets
modified LoadWidget to use class_exists and include in much tighter loop
added function comment to LoadWidget
removed PreloadWidgets
added function comment to CreateWidgetUsingTag, removed szContext
bracketed 'else'
eval is not a performance hit (AFAI can tell)
removed visibility code

outstanding is the preg_match function for getting the type name out.

BTW, include does not seem much faster than include_once ... this module is
still performance bound by the number/size of files it has to include rather
than any other factor.  For a reasonably complete template with 50-60 widgets,
this takes about 115 ms.

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