[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 74] Change the "descXXXX.txt" documentation file to a more extensible format (XML ?)
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:55:07 -0500

------- Additional Comments From  2003-11-14 08:55 -------
Darren, there are quite a few cases where paths of things are relative, and it
should always be explained what they are relative to.  In the case of images,
there are several possibilities but I don't think it searches a set of paths for
images.  Legend templates are another good example.  PHP/MapScript assumes that
the legend template path is specified relative to the map file.  But the user
may or may not know this, and so it should be relative to the template, which
makes sense for a non-mapserver savvy user ... but if it is a mapserver-aware
user, then they may expect it to be relative to the map file.  There are more
like this too.

I'm not sure that this warrants its own tag, but it should certainly be
something that is reviewed for every attribute that is a path to some file,
either web or file system, and it should be explicitly stated unless there is a
very convincing reason why it shouldn't.  Even in the case of searching for
files, the search path should be described.

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