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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-08-13 07:56 -------
One problem with the approach you mention here is that if you move the selection
to the previously selected value after you navigate, then you can never select
it again unless you select something else first.  For instance, if you select
PEI, then pan west and PEI stays selected, you can't select it again.  So this
generates the same problem as you have noted with the first element in the list.

The way to handle this in the widget is to make the first view tag a static
entry, as in:

<view name="Select a location"/>

This way, when you first select a quickzoom location, it will navigate to it and
set the selection to that entry.  On subsequent pages, it will reset to the
first element in the list, in this case the "Select a location" entry, which
allows you to pick any of the quick zoom locations.

The best enhancement would be to have the widget detect that the current extents
match the extents for a particular view and set that view as selected ... this
would require a lot of processing and would probably require a buffer operation
to provide a small tolerance to the selection
A compromise would be for the widget to remember the last set of extents that it
used and keep the selection as long as those extents don't change.  This would
mean that you would zoom to PEI and then could change layer visibility etc and
PEI would stay selected in the list.  As soon as you navigate away from those
exact extents, then it would reset the list to the first entry ...

I've put a copy of this in the bug.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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