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------- Additional Comments From jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca  2004-08-26 18:11 -------
the fix works for http:// paths but not for relative paths.  so the problem has
to do with the else:

                $oApp= GetChameleonApplication();
                $this->mszTemplate = $oApp->resolvePath2( $this->mszTemplate,
$_SESSION['gszAppPath'] );

The problem is that $_SESSION['gszAppPath'] points to the path to chameleon.php,
not to the path to the template...see below for an example:

$this->mszTemplate  ===========> ./sample_legend_template.html
$_SESSION['gszAppPath'] ==========> C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\cwc2\htdocs

therefore the function resolvePath2 in chameleon.php returns ======>

(where it actually lies in C:\ms4w\apps\testapp\ or )

More details:

I'm using the service instance of chameleon.  I need my TEMPLATE file to
reference a legend template file relative to the location of the template file.
 I believe this would be a common demand.... 

paul are u following me on this? i'm wondering if u have to parse 
[gszAppWebPath] to get the TEMPLATE path only and then concatonate that with
$this->mszTemplate....anyway i'm out of my league, please help.

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