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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-08-27 08:39 -------
um.  I see the problem and there isn't a quick solution.  Basically, Chameleon
needs to find that file in a different location depending on whether the app is
the service instance or a local app using the chameleon API.  The problem is
that in the service instance mode, there is no way to tell chameleon where to
search relative to.

I've modified cwc2.php and LegendTemplate.widget.php to attempt to work around
this issue.  It is now necessary for cwc2 to preserve the URLs to the remote
templates that it was invoked with (previously they were just cached locally)
and to provide a method for getting the current template.  The LegendTemplate
now checks to see if the main application object is a ServiceInstanceApp and
will attempt to find templates relative to the current application template's
URL if appropriate.

Fixed code is in Jeff's hands for testing and committing to cvs.

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