[Chameleon-dev] Questions relative to Chameleon meeting January 14 th 2004

Normand Savard
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 09:47:29 -0500

I have a few questions concerning Chameleon's meeting held January 14 th 

1-Unit tests:

We said that there is no unit test to build for Chameleon core.   
Correct?  If yes, how can it be possible?

2-Script test

Three major functionalites need to be tested:
  -Widget loading
  -Widget parsing
  -Widget rendering.

We need to build script tests to verify these three main 
functionalities.  Is this correct?

3-During June meeting, you discussed with other developers about how 
widgets should be made of:  simple HTML or HTML with Javascript 
functions.  For this purpose you decided to Are we going to have such 
distinction?  Are we going to test these two widget types separately?

4-The widgets documentation on "" specifies "Form 
Element", "Javascript Element" and "Javascript Variable".  I have a 
basic understanding of what each one of these parameters means but is it 
possible to have a deeper explanations?  I think we should never talk 
about new terms without introducing them in a kind of "dictionary".

5-Could we use code covering tool for unit tests?  I was reading chapter 
13 from Dave's book (Creating a software engineering culture) and it is 
said:  "Testing less than 100% statement coverage for new software is 
unconscionable and should be criminalized.".  I know that this a 
theorical view.  And I know that Daniel said that it would be impossible 
because we do not know where to stop (our code is calling other library 
and so on).  But could we set some code boundaries restriction to our 
code uniquely?


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