[Chameleon-dev] Bug Targeting

Christopher R. Thorne cthorne at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Jul 9 11:16:43 EDT 2004

I am glade that no one seems to have a problems with the mass of 
chameleon bug activity. :)

I hope it is all for better management and communication. As for the 
beta 2 "candidate" that paul will be releasing today to QA group for 
testing. I will be focusing on the service instance today (specifically 
for a project), then on Monday I hope to start verifying the beta 2 bugs 
on windows, and I will talk to Norm about Linux.

If things go well:

Hopefully mid to end of next week we can either release it to the rest 
of DMSG and/or To Maptools.org.
This may require a little bit of time from Paul, to package it up? if 
required? I can update the website and talk to Daniel about this new 
download server stuff.

If they don't go well for the beta 2 "candidate":
We may have to hold off on the beta 2 release until Paul is free, or if 
Bill or Zak can look into some issues for us.


Darren Redfern wrote:

> Hi Paul:
>> thanks for doing this, it's quite a job (I know :))
> Yes, it was quite a job. (Probably why I didn't get it done LAST week. 
> ;) )
>> I have gone through all the beta2 bugs and addressed them (except bug 
>> 500 which I think is user error).  So I am going to freeze beta 2 now 
>> and start preparing a release package, this will take me some time as 
>> there were lots of changes to include in the release notes etc.
> Great! Once you've got the package, we'll run it through some tests to 
> make sure it's OK.
>> Once I have beta 2 ready, I will only be working on critical bugs for 
>> a while as I need to devote some time to other projects.
>> I expect to start work on beta 3 in about 2 weeks, except for 
>> critical client-related issues.
> Understood. Thanks for the update on your availability.
> Darren
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