[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 367] optional compress format in ExtractWFSData

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Mon Jul 19 06:43:13 EDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From bartvde at xs4all.nl  2004-07-19 06:43 -------
All changes are in CVS now. Files changed:

-Compressformat renamed to compressionformat.
-Made value comparison case-insensitive.
-Implemented outputformat and compressionformat as arrays instead of
comma-separated string attributes
-provided default values in the code (Shape and GML for output, TGZ and ZIP for
-if only one format is provided in the template, the value is not read from a
select list but from a hidden form field.
-options now use css class inputList
											<cwc2 type="ExtractWFSData" ...>
  <outputformat value="Shape" />
  <outputformat value="GML" />
  <compressionformat value="ZIP" />

TODO: update widget documentation when format is defined.

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