[Chameleon-dev] template parser modification

Paul Spencer pgs at magma.ca
Thu May 13 10:15:34 EDT 2004


I've just committed a small change to the template parser variable 
substitution code.

For those that don't know, it is possible to use substitution in your 
application template using:

[#<filename>#] - inserts contents of <filename> at point of tag

[$var$] - inserts value of var from query string (url/form) into template

the [# #] processing happens before the [$ $] processing

Now for the change.  The [$ $] processor previously provided no way to 
decode the value before insertion, now we need to do this.  To make it 
most flexible, I have modified the code so that it decodes stuff by 
default but if you add a ! it will not decode it (allowing embedding of 
values into other urls, javascript functions etc).

So the new syntax is:


example url:



<p>[$myval$]</p> - this will result in the following:

<p>This is my val</p>

No decoding:

<a href="http://another.org/cgi-bin/dothis?aval=[$!myval$]">Send myval 
to cgi</a> - results in

<a href="http://another.org/cgi-bin/dothis?aval=$this+is+my+val">Send 
myval to cgi</a>

Please note that the default behaviour has changed to perform the 
decoding so if any of your existing templates rely on the non-decoding 
behaviour, you will have to update them to include the !

I believe that in most cases the intention would be to get the decoded 
value into the template, which is why I have made it the default.  If 
there are any disagreements to this, please let me know :)



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