[Chameleon-dev] RE: chameleon beta ready for internal qa

Darren Redfern darren_redfern2000 at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 13:34:38 EDT 2004

Hi Paul:

Thanks for the new Beta candidate. We'll run through the Acceptance testing 
as quickly as we can. If things go well, we can get this out to the 
community without too much delay. :-)


>From: Paul Spencer <pagameba at magma.ca>
>Reply-To: spencer at dmsolutions.ca
>To: Normand Savard <nsavard at dmsolutions.ca>,        "Christopher R. Thorne" 
><thorne at dmsolutions.ca>,        Darren Redfern 
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>CC: chameleon-dev at lists.maptools.org
>Subject: chameleon beta ready for internal qa
>Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:30:55 -0400
>the chameleon beta is ready again for internal QA.  The last attempt 
>suffered from purely configuration problems that made it difficult to get 
>working without hacking the samples.  I have fixed a couple of issues 
>related to this and seem to have solved at least the configuration issues.  
>(There is still a problem that Bart noted with dealing with URLs and the 
>PopupCSS sharedresource that I need to look into, but it doesn't affect the 
>samples or the QA of them, plus you can easily work around the issue so it 
>is not a show-stopper).
>I have run the smoke test again, this time on both windows and linux, and 
>have produced minimal instructions for setup and configuration instead of 
>relying on me doing it and making you guess how to do it.
>To facilitate testing on Linux, you can use the following instructions to 
>set up in your home account on xcalibur, should be portable to any other 
>linux with public_html access
>1. extract chameleon-<version>.tar.gz to ~
>2. run make in ~/chameleon-<version>/htdocs/common/wmsparse/
>3. create symlink from ~/public_html/chameleon to 
>4. create symlink from ~/public_html/samples to 
>5. copy ~/chameleon-<version>/config/cwc2.xml-dist to 
>6. edit ~/chameleon-<version>/config/cwc2.xml and set up values 
>cwc2_url             : http://www2.dmsolutions.ca/~<username>/chameleon/
>web_server_path      : http://www2.dmsolutions.ca/~<username>/chameleon/
>wms_parse_file       : 
>mapscript_module     : php_mapscript_42.so
>button_cache_path    : /tmp/ms_tmp/buttons/
>button_cache_web_path: /ms_tmp/buttons/
>tmp_web_path         : /ms_tmp/
>tmp_img_path         : /tmp/ms_tmp/
>fontlist_file        : /home/<username>/chameleon-<version>/etc/fonts.txt
>symbol_file          : /home/<username>/chameleon-<version>/etc/symbols.sym
>With this done, you should be able to execute the smoke test and other 
>sample apps by accessing http://<server>/~<username>/samples
>NOTE: using only slightly different instructions, you can set up a cvs 
>version of chameleon and php_utils in the same way so that you have a fully 
>functional chameleon running directly from cvs.  To do this, replace step 
>1. with the following:
>1 a. checkout chameleon to ~/chameleon
>1 b. checkout php_utils to ~/php_utils
>1 c. copy or symlink ~/php_utils/src/ to ~/chameleon/htdocs/common
>To facilitate testing on Windows, I have set up an ms4w version as well :)  
>The only difference is that on Windows, you will access the samples via
>Downloads are available from:
>For chameleon-dev listers, this is a pre-release of the beta version and I 
>would encourage you not to use it until the official beta release following 
>internal QA on this version.  It will hopefully only take a day or so.  But 
>if you are really desperate, I doubt there will be any change at this point 
>and the feedback on your experience will be valuable too ... especially if 
>it doesn't work ;)
>For Norm:
>there were a couple of problems with the smoke test:
>1. The smoke test should likely include the above instructions
>2. The windows version is slightly different and has a bug in that the 
>zoomout widget is used without zooming in first ... this fails because the 
>map file contains a maxscale value that prevents zooming out :)
>Also, there are still a couple of invalid references to a_pixel.gif coming 
>out in the logs, I consider this inconsequential for the beta release.
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