[Chameleon-dev] LegendTemplate question

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Thu May 20 21:43:17 EDT 2004


In testing the beta release of Chameleon, I've uncovered a slight glitch 
that I would like feedback on.  It concerns the use of the 
LegendTemplate widget.

The LegendTemplate widget can be used in either embedded or popup mode. 
  In the new Chameleon sample applications, there is one template that 
has two copies of the LegendTemplate widget, one in each mode.  A 
problem occurs when using the popup version to set layer visibility, 
changes are ignored.  It is really doing the right thing, however, 
because when the changes are accepted and applied back to the main 
application, the page is submitted and the embedded legend reverts the 
layer visibility back to the state just before popping up the legend 

I'm not sure if I've made this clear, but hopefully you are still with me.

The issue is whether I should fix this or not.  Both versions are 
working correctly, it is only when they are combined that it makes it 
look like they are not working.

The fix is not very simple, either.  I can imagine several different 
ways of controlling layer visibility from the main application, I'm not 
sure if I can come up with a way to work around them all.

I'm thinking of just leaving this and making it a documentation issue. 
Comments and feedback welcome.

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