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pspencer at dmsolutions.ca changed:

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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-05-23 18:11 -------
fixed in cvs.  This bug has been in the code for a while, essentially the
ZoomAllLayers widget was not calling the NavTools ParseURL before doing other
processing (which was incorrect).  It emerged now because I restructured the
NavTools code to support use of radio buttons in the plainbuttons sample.  I
guess that I didn't check the zoom to all layers function after that change,
assuming that if the other nav tools worked, so would this one.

Recommend that the smoke test be expanded to cover using each of the tools in
the basic sample, perhaps using the following sequence (which I just executed):

- load sample_basic.phtml, scalebar should show 0 - 3150 km
- zoom in at center, scalebar should show - 1600 km
- zoom out from center, should return close to original extents
- change zoom factor to 4
- zoom in at center, scalebar should show 0-800 km
- change zoom factor to 2
- zoom out at center
- zoom out at center, should return close to original extents
- zoom in at center by factor of 4
- pan south west, east, north east, south, west, north east, north, south east,
should be back at original view
- use keymap to recenter on east cost (approx middle vertically)
- zoom out factor of 2, scalebar 0 - 1600 km
- use recenter tool to recenter on St. John's, approx extents left: 143282
right: 4463789 bottom: -280131 top: 1996184 (differences less than 100000 okay)
- use query tool to identify the city, should get one result, POPPLACE_ field
value = 464, close results
- use query tool not on city, should get message that the following layers
didn't return any results: popplace.  Close results
- use zoom in by rectangle by selecting zoom in tool and dragging a box just
around Charlottetown, Fredericton and Halifax (start at Halifax, drag up to left
until just touching Charlottetown at top and Fredricton at left), scalebar
should be about 0 - 150 km if cities are right at edge of map.
- use zoom to full extents, should return to full view of Canada, scalebar 0 -
3150 km
- click tools tab
- click error report widget, should say No error(s), close it
- click on center of map to zoom in by factor of 2, tools tab should stay selected
- click ROI tab
- click on center of map, should still zoom in and ROI tab should stay selected
- click on legend tab and nav tab.  click on update map button (both), should
have no change

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