[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 422] Scale widget does not implement WIDGETCLASS parameter

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pspencer at dmsolutions.ca changed:

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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-05-30 21:11 -------
Agreed on the widget class.  Also, it should implement WIDGETSTYLE as per other
widgets.  Please proceed and implement both at your leisure.

Re the keypress event, I like this idea but I don't want this to be something
that will always be there.  Please implement as a new attribute
(SUBMITONKEYPRESS="[true|false]" (name?), but the default can be true.

Instead of document.forms[0], please use {$this->mszHTMLForm} because widgets
can now be part of any arbitrary form on a page ... use of document.forms[0] is
deprecated and in fact dangerous, and needs to be removed from any existing code
that still uses it (and there is some, I'm sure).

Are there any other widgets that could benefit from this handy piece of code?

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