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I think this is now fixed (see below). There was a debugging statement causing
the problem.



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From: Delfos, Jacob 
Sent: 16 June 2004 08:20
To: 'spencer at dmsolutions.ca'
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That seems correct. PCG is based on UTM, and those extents are correct.

I just had a look at my logs and I think I traced it down; on line 370 of
ProjectionSelector.widget.php it says:


My PHP log file says:

[16-Jun-2004 08:03:16] PHP Fatal error:  [MapServer Error]: msSaveMap():
(/tmp/ttt1.map) in C:\chameleon\roe7\htdocs\common\wrapper\map_session.php on
line 295

Commenting out this line (which seems to be for debugging purposes) makes
everything work happily. Will it have unexpected consequences, though?



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From: Paul Spencer [mailto:pagameba at magma.ca] 
Sent: Tuesday, 15 June 2004 8:51 PM
To: Delfos, Jacob
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I was able to change from PCG94/Perth Coastal Grid to WGS 84 / 
Geographic and back to PCG94/Perth Coastal Grid although I didn't notice 
a big difference between them ...

WGS84 extents were:
left: 	115.83866
right: 	115.89614
bottom: -32.09645
top: 	-32.05819

PCG94 extents were:

Left:  	51601
Right: 	57979
Bottom: 247447
Top: 	251705

I can change back and forth no problem, and navigate in between.  I am 
not sure what the PCG94 projection should do, the true north widget 
shows north up all the time, is this right in this projection?  Perhaps 
I screwed something up?

Note: the auto projections don't work well ...

Delfos, Jacob wrote:
> Paul,
> Previously, I did not need to define the EPSG code in the mapfile, it 
> would still pick it up as long as it appeared in the projection shared 
> resource. But I just tried defining it there, and the label indeed 
> shows up correctly. But I still can't reproject properly. Can you get 
> it to lattitude longitude at all?
> I also tried the 'out of the box' sample (sample_enhanced.html), and I 
> have some problems there as well (geographic projection never works, 
> others sometimes fail). Can you try the geographic projection? Other 
> than the epsg file, are there other system-wide parameters that could 
> affect it?
> I'm running apache 2.0.48 on windows 2000 SP4. Could that be a 
> problem? The only unusualities I ever have with apache is that it 
> seems to 'cache' things. You can rename or delete files, and apache 
> will still find them and serve them out until you restart it. Even its 
> log files can be renamed and moved anywhere on the c-drive, and it 
> will keep writing to them! Makes debugging extra exciting.
> Regards,
> Jacob
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> From: Paul Spencer [mailto:pagameba at magma.ca]
> Sent: Tuesday, 15 June 2004 4:29 AM
> To: Delfos, Jacob
> Cc: 'pspencer at dmsolutions.ca'
> Subject: Re: 
> Jacob,
> I hate to tell you this ;) but it works for me using the process you
> described in the previous email.
> I copied your files into the chameleon sample application directory 
> and
> edited the mapfile to remove invalid stuff like the font file and 
> updated the shapepath, and copied your projection from your epsg file 
> into /ms4w/proj/nad/epsg
> I get your projection label in the interface when it is selected.
> Oh, one other thing, I used epsg:88888 in the map file instead of your
> custom projection :)
> Cheers,
> Paul
> Delfos, Jacob wrote:
>>Oops... forgot.
>>My colleague and I asked our manager as a practical joke whether we 
>>could attend the conference. ...Maybe one day when I work for a 
>>company with money.
>>*Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd
>>629 Newcastle Street
>>PO Box 81
>>Leederville 6902
>>Western Australia
>>ABN 20 093 846 925
>>Tel     + 61 8 9281 6185
>>Fax    + 61 8 9281 6297
>>_jacob.delfos at maunsell.com_

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