[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 432] [Chameleon - Core] widgets found in chameleon instead of user-defined directories

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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-10-07 14:36 -------
tested in the following way:

1. copy sample_ogc.html to sample_customwidget.html

2. copy sample_ogc.phtml to sample_customwidget.phtml

3. edit sample_customwidget.phtml:
* change $szTemplate to sample_customwidget.html
* change $oApp->CWCExecute() to $oApp->CWCExecute( array( $gszAppPath."/widgets"
) );

4. create directory chameleon/samples/htdocs/widgets

5. copy chameleon/htdocs/widgets/MapTitle to chameleon/samples/htdocs/widgets

6. Edit chameleon/samples/htdocs/widgets/MapTitle/MapTitle.widget.php:
* change line 87 to read $szMapTitle = "My TITLE";

7. open app at http://localhost/chameleon/samples/sample_customwidget.phtml.

You will get an error saying that MapTitle cannot open Widget.php ... you can
ignore this

The Title at the top of the page will be My TITLE instead of the name from the
map file.


Remove chameleon/samples/htdocs/widgets and reload, should get DEMO.

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