[Chameleon-dev] more cvs restructuring

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Fri Oct 8 10:55:39 EDT 2004


just prior to releasing beta 3, I am going to make one more major 
modification to cvs structure.  This will involve creation of an 
experimental folder in which all widgets that we are not fully testing 
and documenting will go.  This change will happen today, after 13:00PM EST.

As with the last change, anyone who has changes to commit should do so 
before this restructuring.

There will be a new configuration item in chameleon.xml to enable 
inclusion of the experimental widgets.  The default value in the 
chameleon.xml-dist will be to disable these widgets.

The purpose of this change is to make it clear to users of chameleon 
(and specifically developers of applications) which widgets are 
considered stable and which are not fully tested.  As our internal QA 
processes go through each of the widgets, they will be moved to the main 
widgets directory.

In the future, this separation will no longer be necessary as widgets 
will be grouped together in widget packs that will have a separate 
release cycle from the core of chameleon.  Until that time, however, it 
is important to make this distinction.

Note that widgets in the experimental branch are not necessarily unsafe. 
  They are likely to be fully function and useful.  But we haven't gone 
through a thorough QA process on them.


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