[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 679] [Chameleon - Widget] MapDHTML widget drawmap error

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Tue Oct 12 22:32:05 EDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From jacob.delfos at maunsell.com  2004-10-12 22:32 -------
Yes, I did. Sorry, forgot to mention.
I tested it with the sept 30 version of drawmap. I don't get any PHP errors in
my log, but it still gets the size from the querymap in the mapfile, ignoring
the size of the actual mapobject.
I managed to get my templates to work again, but I have to use an absolute URL
now. I found the previous solution easier, because I don't like hardcoding the
servername (I tend to move sites across laptops and pc's a lot).

It still doesn't get the height and width from the POST variables, but this is
not a major disaster; version 1.0.4 didn't do this by default either, and it's
easy for me to change if I want to.

For some reason, when I update from the CVS, I don't get the folder
/chameleon/htdocs/common at all. I use wincvs, which says:
cvs update -P -d

It happened since the CVS was restructured. I started off with a clean copy.


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