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------- Additional Comments From cthorne at dmsolutions.ca  2004-10-22 08:28 -------
ok I have had time to think about this and talk to bill.

Just to be clear the main reason why I added this english text in the xslt is
because I did not want to add this string to every xml document manually.

Since this is a problem to have monolingual xslt's (which I agree with) and that
it does not make sense to have multiple xslt's per language. the responsibility
to be multilingual descriptions lands in the doc builder. This leads to
additional development for the doc builder, because it currently is handling one
language, English. 

Questions for Darren and Paul:
* Is this the direction we want to go?
* When should this be a priority?

If the answers are "Yes" and "Soon" the following things will have to happen:

* modify XML Schema's: to hold additional default strings (this is easy to do).

* Doc builder: define how doc builder will handle multilingual text.
  * Should it be configurable per default string for the user?
  * Should it be hard coded per language?
  * Should it be defined by language dbf or another xml doc?

* Help View: how will the user (in interface) and/or administrator (by config
options) select a language(s).

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