[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 412] [Chameleon] Clicking on Keymap changes scale of extent

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------- Additional Comments From cthorne at dmsolutions.ca  2004-10-25 13:56 -------
I am on both Darren and Paul side regarding how the DHTMLKeymap was designed.

I can see from darrens point of view how a keymap should allow recentering as
the default, because this is how the simple keymap widget works.

At the same time I understand why Paul set the default to the zoomin button:
* there is no point recentering a full extent map.
* that the intention of this keymap is to allow a "mini" duplication of the main
map view. 
* Since the main map view navtools are defaulted to use the zoomin tool. 

Maybe to solve this is to have a new default navigation function parameter
option (choose between recenter and zoomin). Darren I will let you decide
weather this is justifiable to have a new enhancement bug.

Once this is decided than we can close this bug.

Verified on Windows: that this is how the DHTMLKey works.

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