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------- Additional Comments From cthorne at dmsolutions.ca  2004-10-26 12:00 -------
found the problem(s): :)
* load: http://localhost/chameleon/samples/sample_enhanced.phtml
* Go to Tools tab
* Select Projection button
* Pick a Lat/Long projection from popup.
* Click "OK" button on Popup.

* When new projected map is loaded notice:
(These are observation along the way to the actual bug, that could be
interpreted as other bugs. Paul may have to comment on these points)
  1) that the extent of the map has changed (it is no longer the extent of
Canada, only a subset) It does not look nice but I am not sure this is fixable
this is a risk of re projecting.
  2) notice that keymap is no longer active (no red rectangle). This makes sense
since the keymap cannot re project its map image or turn the red rectangle to a
curved polygon (that would be cool). The problem here is the keymap looks
broken, when there should be some form of indication of this inactivity.
  3) if the user decides to use the keymap to move around the map. the re
centered map becomes blank.
* ok once loaded with a different projection than the original LCC application
project and have observed the changes to the main map and keymap. 

* You can set the project back to LCC.
* the expected result should be:
 * the extent of the map should be at full extent. Since no map navigation has
occurred between the change of projection (ie. LCC -> Lat/Long -> LCC)
 * the key map should represent this for the LCC projection. Mean the red
rectangle should be at the edges of the keymap view.

This not the case. Please review following issues that I think are the failing
results we are looking for, for this particular bug:
  *  The keymap red tangle is shifted south when the main map view shows an LCC
map of Canada at full extent.

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