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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2004-10-26 12:54 -------
in response to Chris' comment above:

1) this is the expected behaviour of the projection widget.  It preserves scale
and center point when changing projection.

2) the keymapdhtml widget in sample_enhanced.html has no SRS so it is unable to
reproject.  It would normally reproject the four corners and then draw a box. 
It's not ideal, but that is how it works.

3) navigation is broken for the same reason, no SRS in the keymapdhtml widget

as for switching back, this happens because you changed to the wrong LCC
projection when switching back (you picked WGS84 / LCC Canada instead of NAD 83
/ NRCan LCC Canada).  Again, this shouldn't happen if you add an SRS to the
keymapdhtml widget because it would reproject for you.

BUT ...

having looked at the code, SRS is an attribute of the widget but is never used
anywhere.  Adding SRS to the widget does not correct the problems so the real
bug here is that the keymapdhtml widget does not support working in reprojected

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