[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 1222] Query widget hilite raster fatal error

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------- Additional Comments From mcgrawj at agr.gc.ca  2005-12-20 13:18 -------
Ah, I see. That's my mistake re: gszQueryLayers being names and not ids.
Since I was using the same information somewhere else in my code and wasn't 
using the highlighting then anyway, I had changed that variable to pass in the 
actual layer names instead.

The original code still didn't work properly though; $nCount was undefined and 
I believe the explode syntax was incorrect (can't remember).

So, really the first part of the code should be as follows:
    if ( $szQueryLayers != "?" )
        // get array of layers
        $aszLayers = explode(",", $szQueryLayers );

        // loop and get the name of each layer
        for ( $i=count($aszLayers)-1; $i>-1; $i-- )
            // get layer
            $oLayer = $oMap->getLayer( $aszLayers[$i] );

            if ( $oLayer->type == MS_LAYER_RASTER ){
                // remove the layer from the query
            } else {
                // update array to be name
                $aszLayers[$i] = $oLayer->name;

Or, alternatively, it could be written to handle being passed an array of 
indices or layer names (which is how I'll have to write my version of 

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