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------- Additional Comments From jlacroix at dmsolutions.ca  2005-09-28 09:18 -------
The reply from Steve Lime:

The reasoning is that you need some sort of a default behavior if the user doesn't
specify a more specific container so the decision was made to specify the most
generic containter possible. This is consistent with how a couple of the commercial
vendors concentrating just on OWS work as well. It's not easy to truely identify
a specific type (e.g. polygon vs. multipolygon) from the data without looping 
through the search results (not a good option) since MapServer doesn't differentiate
between single and multi part features with the TYPE parameter. You could write
all features as multipart GML elements but that's not good either- you need more

So, of course you have the option to override this behavior via metadata. You can
explicitly set the geometry type (or even types) to be output.


  gml_geometries "stations" # define the geometries possible with this layer
  gml_stations_type "multipoint"  # define the type for "stations"


  gml_geomtries "station"
  gml_station_type "point"
  gml_station_occurances "0,UNBOUNDED"

Both of these are valid for a multipoint data set. The first would output a
schema fragment

  <extension base="gml:AbstractFeatureType">
      <element name="stations" type="gml:multipointPropertyType" minOccurs="0"

and the second:

  <extension base="gml:AbstractFeatureType">
      <element name="station" type="gml:pointPropertyType" minOccurs="0"

The GML output for the 1st would consist of a single multipoint feature and the 2nd
would give you a series of point features. You need this type of flexibility
when dealing
with 3rd party application schema...


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