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------- Additional Comments From info at e-geodata.gr  2005-09-29 09:57 -------
Actualy, I think this is a mapserver issue and not a chameleon one. There's no
way to iterate a layer's features. Here's my post to the mapserver users list :

    Hi list,
    I had some problems accessing features from a dynamic postgis layer.
    After some research i discovered that php/mapscript function
    $layer->getShape(tileindex, shapeindex); does not have the expected
    behaviour, at least the one I was expecting :-) . This is not about the
    issue that shapeindex must begin from 1.

    Here is my map file :
            NAME "country"
            STATUS ON
            EXTENT 744723.842 4108421.689 757400.350 4121357.515
            SIZE 400 300
            SHAPEPATH "../data"
            SYMBOLSET "../etc/symbols.sym"
            FONTSET "../etc/fonts.txt"
            IMAGECOLOR 255 255 255
            UNITS METERS
            DEBUG ON
                "wms_title"          "country"
                "wms_srs"            "EPSG:4121"
                "wfs_title"          "country"
                "wfs_onlineresource" ""
                "wfs_srs"            "EPSG:4121"
            IMAGEPATH "/ms4w/tmp/ms_tmp/"
            IMAGEURL "/ms_tmp/"

    Here's my script :

        if (!extension_loaded( "mapscript" ))
            dl ("php_mapscript_46.dll" );

        $map = ms_newMapObj("mapfile.map");

        $layer = ms_newLayerObj($map);
        $layer->set("debug",          MS_ON);
        $layer->set("name",          "postgis_cities_layer");
        $layer->set("connectiontype", MS_POSTGIS);
        $layer->set("connection",    "user=postgres password=qwe123dbname=leros
host=localhost port=5432");
        $layer->set("status",         MS_ON);
        $layer->set("type",           MS_POLYGON);
        $layer->set("sizeunits",      MS_METERS);
        $layer->set("toleranceunits", MS_METERS);
        $layer->set("tolerance",      300);
        $layer->set("template",       "blank.html");
        $layer->set("data",           "the_geom from (SELECT * FROM cities WHERE
gid IN(5,6)) as foo using unique gid using srid=4121)");

        $shp_1 = $layer->getShape(-1, 1);
        $shp_2 = $layer->getShape(-1, 5);

        echo "<pre>";
        echo "</pre>";

        $c = ms_newClassObj($layer);
        $s = ms_newStyleObj($c);
        $s->color->setRGB(255, 0, 0);
        $img = $map->draw();
        $url = $img->saveWebImage();

        echo "<img src=\"$url\" />";

    The image is drawn perfectly.

    print_r($shp_1)  outputs nothing!
    print_r($shp_2) outputs a shape!

    In other words shapeindex in function  $layer->getShape(tileindex,
    shapeindex) corresponds to gid column in the postgis table cities

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