[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 1394] [phpwms] should use http client for http communication

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Mon Apr 3 05:30:13 EDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From bartvde at xs4all.nl  2006-04-03 05:30 -------
File: server_data_manager.php
Function: getCapabilities

       set_time_limit( $this->nMaxExecutionTime );
       $fpOut = fopen($szCacheFname, "w");
       $oHTTPClient = new HTTPClient("", $fpOut);
       if ( ! $oHTTPClient->doGET($szOnlineResource) )
          // log error
          $this->error( ERR_WARNING, $oHTTPClient->mszLastError);
          return false;

Comment out most of the rest of the code:
        // open a pointer to the input file
        /*if (false === ($fpIn = fopen($szOnlineResource, "r")))
            // log error
            $this->error( ERR_WARNING, "Could not access $szOnlineResource");
            return false;

        // open a pointer to the receiving file
        /*if (!($fpOut = fopen($szCacheFname, "w")))
            // log error
            $this->error( ERR_WARNING, "Could not open $szCacheFname");
            return false;

        // copy the file line by line
        /*while($fpIn && !feof($fpIn))
            // build buffer
            $line = fgets($fpIn, 4096);

            // rewrite encoding tag
            $line = str_replace( "encoding=\"UTF-8\"", "encoding=\"ISO-8859-1\"",
                                 $line );
            // write the buffer to file
            fwrite($fpOut, $line, strlen($line));

        // force a buffer write
        fflush( $fpOut );

        // close the files

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