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------- Additional Comments From wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca  2006-04-06 21:02 -------
Hi Joanne,

I guess I did go off on a bit of a tangent on my explaination. ;)

To sum up what I was trying to say in my last answer, no, the MLT object does
not know anything about it's parent and therefore requires you to pass it.

That being said, after considering it abit more, I would have to say that is not
100% true. ;)

I believe that it is possible to have the MLT object figure out the id of it's
parent via what was passed in the loadresource call.  To answer this a bit more
concisely, I will answer your questions directly:

1. Do the moMLT objects in the widgets have access to their parent objects

Currently no, but with a small tweak in the loadresource it should be possible
to store the the info that is required.

2. If not, can they?  

Yes - see question 1

3. And if they do or can, can the new MLT implementation be enhanced...

Yes, it should be possible to make this enhancement, it now a question of
whether or not this change should be made and what are the ripple effects are
going to be (i.e. how many widgets would have to be changed).

Does that make sense?

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