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jlacroix at mapgears.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From jlacroix at mapgears.com  2006-04-13 11:29 -------
I updated the mlt code to keep the file name in a member variable and access
this file if the parameters of the get function seem to be from the MLTdbase.
Unfortunately, with PHP you can't declare multiple functions with a different
number of parameters but the same name like in C. So I mimic the behavior in the
current function instead.

I also encountered another problem during my testing. The MLT object in the
widget is a global object. So it store only the last widget name...Doh! So to
prevent that, a user will be able to get a new copy of the MLT object in each
widget. You only have to add in WidgetManager at line 286:
With PHP4:
            $oWidget->moMLT = $this->moMLT;

With PHP5:
            $oDummy = '';
            $oWidget->moMLT =& $oDummy; 
            $oWidget->moMLT = clone $this->moMLT;

Note that we could not access the widget name by any other means inside the MLT.

Marking as FIXED.
Feel free to add comments, suggestions or reopen.

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