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------- Additional Comments From nsavard at mapgears.com  2006-04-26 17:20 -------
I was able to make the php.exe error pops up with a small script and a specific
map file.  I joined the map file and the script I used below.  I suggest that
the persons who find a similar problem try the script and reports back if the
error shows up.

Map file:
# Start of map file
# Sample map file for a chameleon app.
FONTSET ../etc/fonts.txt

END # Map File
PHP script:



$o_map = ms_newMapObj("E:/ms4w/apps/chameleon/samples/map/chameleon.map");

$o_anno_layer = ms_newLayerObj($o_map);

$o_anno_layer->set("name", "DMSG_annotation_layer");


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