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------- Additional Comments From jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca  2006-04-28 18:07 -------
ok some news on this.  With Assefa's help we think we have this php.exe crash
narrowed down a bit.  I'll try to explain, as I see it.

Chameleon, MapLab, ka-Map all use php_gd2.dll, and this is conflicting with
php_mapscript's dynamic gd, which is causing a crash (printproduction in
chameleon calls php_gd for example).  Building gd statically seems to fix this,
on my machine, but we need more people to test.

The following patch should be used with caution.  It should not be distributed,
or used in any production environments.  It will upgrade your php_mapscript to
4.9, and includes several dependencies.  Only use this in a test ms4w 1.5.1
environment - you will no longer be able to use php_mapscript_48.dll for
example.  So please download and extract the patch, test, and report back (and
then go back to using your stable ms4w 1.5.1).  Here are the steps:

- make a copy of your existing ms4w

- download http://www2.dmsolutions.ca/netbin/ms4w_1.5.2-dev_patch.zip

- extract that to the same ms4w 1.5.1 root (and overwrite the files)

- modify your chameleon (or maplab, ka-map) config to use php_mapscript_49.dll

- restart apache

- test your application (i test with the printproduction widget in chameleon,
for example)

- revert back to your old ms4w

We'll also test more, and hopefully have a solution early next week.

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