[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 961] ClearWFSFilter contains hardcoded message in English

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------- Additional Comments From nsavard at dmsolutions.ca  2006-02-14 14:49 -------
I know this bug was found on Windows so I will still have to investigate a
little bit on this platform.  There is a case sensitive problem on Linux.  This
is not a problem related only to this widget but a more general one.  

The widget files name and their directory in which they are located, are written
by using upper/lower case characters.  In Widget.php, the MLT loadResource
method is called with two parameters return by the "get_class" PHP function
(~line 287, see code snippet below).  This function does not keep the original
notation when used with PHP 4.0.  Also the MLT loadResource and get methods
change the parameters notation with the strtolower function.

When Chameleon tries to load the resource the files are never found and the MLT
structure is not filled with the languages resource.

Code around line 287

        // pass a copy of the application MLT object to the widget
        $this->moMLT = &$this->moApp->moGlobalMLT;

        // load the resourcre file into memory
        if ( is_object( $this->moMLT ) )

            $this->moMLT->loadResource( get_class( $this ),
                str_replace("\\","/",dirname(__FILE__) ).'/'.
                get_class( $this ) );

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