[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 961] ClearWFSFilter contains hardcoded message in English

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------- Additional Comments From nsavard at mapgears.com  2006-03-06 13:14 -------
There is another problem related to this bug.  The language portion of the
language resource files name is written by using a lower case notation (e.g.
ClearWFSFilter.en-ca.txt).  In chameleon.php the MLTPHPInclude instance is
created with the language string set through CWCAddRegionalTemplate() or the
default_language context value found in the configuration file.  This string is
written with upper and lower cases (e.g. en-CA).  The mlt loadResouce() method
used this string to built the language resource file name.  The resulting file
name looks like:  widgetname.en-CA.txt.  So the loadResource does not found the
language resource file.  The ISO protocol said that the language should be
specified with lower and upper cases (e.g. en-CA).  There are two solutions to
this problem:

1)Add a strtolower() function to the mlt loadResource() method.
2)Rename all language resource files to follow ISO notation.

I prefer the second solution.

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