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------- Additional Comments From wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca  2006-03-14 08:52 -------
This functionality already exits - and even documented. ;) Check out the
"MLT_for_Chemaleon_Developers.txt" doc (I believe this is what you want to do):

Streamlining Chameleon for Speed
Some Chameleon applications do not need language translation and, as such,
should not have to pay the overhead costs of the translation.  mlt.php now
includes a class that can be used in place of the MLTPHPInclude such that it
will only return the default value.  This class is called "MLTPHPIncludeDefault".

This class has all the same methods and member variables as the real
MLTPHPInclude class, but it does not have the overhead of including and/or
processing files.  It simply returns the default value.

Chameleon can be overridden to use this default mode by defining a
'MLT_DEFAULT_ONLY' variable and setting it to true or false.  It must be set in
the application before creating the Chameleon instance.


define( 'MLT_DEFAULT_ONLY', true );
class MyChameleon extends Chameleon

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