[Chameleon-dev] [Bug 1448] PHP safe mode and suppress warnings (like set_time_limit)

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bartvde at xs4all.nl changed:

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------- Additional Comments From bartvde at xs4all.nl  2006-05-02 11:24 -------
These are the scripts, so in safe mode set max_execution_time to 600 could be
the recommendation (Btw, Paul, I guess 600 seconds is a bit much for an
application to wait, like it currently is in Chameleon's drawmap.php, don't you
think?) :

./htdocs/widgets/ExtractWFSData/ExtractWFSData.php:set_time_limit( 120 );
./htdocs/widgets/PrintProduction/preview.php:set_time_limit( 300 );
./htdocs/widgets/PrintProduction/production.inc.php:set_time_limit( 300 );
./htdocs/widgets/Query/QueryResults.phtml:set_time_limit( 120 );
./htdocs/widgets/WFSSearch/searchoptionapi.php:set_time_limit( 300 );
./htdocs/widgets/query_utils.php:    set_time_limit( 120 );
./htdocs/widgets/LayerFeatures/LayerFeatures.widget.php:        set_time_limit( 0 );
./htdocs/common/phpwms/server_data_manager.php:        set_time_limit(
$this->nMaxExecutionTime );
./htdocs/common/phpwms/server_data_manager.php:        set_time_limit(
$this->nMaxExecutionTime );
./htdocs/common/phpwms/server_data_manager.php:        set_time_limit(
$this->nMaxExecutionTime );
./htdocs/common/http/HTTPClient.php:      set_time_limit( $this->miTimeout );
./htdocs/chameleon.php:        set_time_limit( $gnTimeout );

I have also added content to the Wiki:


I want to change the @set_time_limit in both the 2.4 branch (so it will be
released as 2.4.1 in the future) and the current CVS head. Will do so soon.

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