[Chameleon] KeyMap problem with Chameleon 1.1 Alpha6

Jeff McKenna
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:51:16 -0500 (EST)
Hello everyone,

I am using the 1.1 Sample Application and trying to get sample.html to 
display the keymap.  As mentioned in the subject line, I am running 
Chameleon 1.1 Alpha6 (October 31st release).

I have followed instructions in a previous post, but no success 

Here's what I've tried:

- removed the keymap section in the sample mapfile
- relative path from the sample.html template in the keymap tag  
- absolute path to keymap.png in the keymap tag 
- even some oddball attempts: placing the keymap in the 
/htdocs/common/wrapper folder and image='keymap.png'

I've correctly specified the size, and extents of the keymap image.  



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