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Tracy Howlett
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:18:51 -0800
Holy Moly!!

The problem was that the fonts were not included in the binary I installed.
I was missing 4 fritqut*.ttf files.  Now that they are installed everything
is working fine.

Thanks for your help.


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Tracey, there are a couple of things that can cause this problem, but 
you should be able to isolate it by right clicking on the broken image 
link in the main map and selecting properties, copying the URL (should 
be to '<something>/drawmap.php?<parameters>') into a new browser and 
loading it directly.  This will try to draw the map into a separate 
browser window and hopefully you will get some sort of error message 
that will tell you what the error is.

My first suspicision is some sort of error in the map file.

To test this, you can create a small php script to make sure the map 
loads and can draw ...

dl('php_mapscript_40.dll'); //or whatever version you are using
$oMap = ms_newMapObj( "<path to your map file>" );
$oImage = $oMap->draw();
$szURL = $oImage->saveWebImage();
echo "<img src=$szURL>";

this script, and variations of it are very useful to make sure that the 
map file is both syntatically correct, and the data for the layers is 
set up correctly.  If this works, then the error is somewhere in the 
chameleon configuration or it is a bug in chameleon.



Tracy Howlett wrote:
> Hello Again, 
> I'm lost again!  My index.phtml page loads with all of the buttons and the
> keymap image but the map image never loads.  The 'map loading...please
> notice pops up and seems to spin forever.  I had it going for over an hour
> yesterday before I closed the page down.  Can anyone suggest where I can
> look to find the error?
> Tracy
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> Jeff,
> do you get no keymap image at all?  If not, then try right clicking on 
> the broken image and selecting 'properties', then copy the url and paste 
> it into a new browser window and submit it.  You should, hopefully, get 
> some sort of error message.
> cheers,
> Paul
> Jeff McKenna wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>I am using the 1.1 Sample Application and trying to get sample.html to 
>>display the keymap.  As mentioned in the subject line, I am running 
>>Chameleon 1.1 Alpha6 (October 31st release).
>>I have followed instructions in a previous post, but no success 
>>Here's what I've tried:
>>- removed the keymap section in the sample mapfile
>>- relative path from the sample.html template in the keymap tag  
>>- absolute path to keymap.png in the keymap tag 
>>- even some oddball attempts: placing the keymap in the 
>>/htdocs/common/wrapper folder and image='keymap.png'
>>I've correctly specified the size, and extents of the keymap image.  
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